Jodie with Rick Dees - Nov 15, 1996 - KIIS-FM

Jodie appeared as a guest on Rick Dees' radio show heard weekday mornings on 102.7 KIIS-FM in the Los Angeles area. Also a guest on the show that day was singer/songwriter Lionel Ritchie.
Here's your chance to hear what went on.

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Rick Dees interviews Jodie
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Lionel Ritchie sings one of his love songs to Jodie.
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Jodie competes head to head with Lionel in a "Battle of the Sexes"
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Rick teases Jodie about having an 18 year old boyfriend
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Jodie talks about the fake braces she had to wear for her appearance on Brotherly Love
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A funny clip where Jodie mentions shes too young to take driver's ed.
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Jodie mentions being in the 10th grade
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Jodie describes the nerdy character she played on Brotherly Love
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Rick Dees remarks on how Jodie has really grown
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Brief remarks about her past and the Brotherly Love appearance
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Brief reference to the Brotherly Love appearance
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Rick Dees can't get over the fact that Jodie is only 14
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More about what Jodie had to wear for her Brotherly Love appearance
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Jodie remarks on how much fun it was to play a nerd on Brotherly Love
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This wasn't the first time Rick Dees interviewed Jodie.
In fact, he interviewed her in 1991 when she was just 9 years old!

Don't miss rare audio from that TV interview,
as well as other classic Jodie Sweetin audio clips, in our
"From The Archives..." collection.

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