Want to write to Jodie?

If you are like me you probably would like to drop a note to Jodie to let her know that you like her work and hope to see her soon back in the public eye. So how does one reach Jodie? Well its simple... Just drop her a friendly letter in care of her new agency at the following address:

Jodie Sweetin
"Stephanie Tanner"
c/o Savage Agency
ATTN: Judy Savage
6212 Banner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

It probably goes without saying that you shouldn't expect a personal response from Jodie herself if you decide to write her. She isn't snubbing you, her fans, but instead is quite busy working hard to be back for her fans to enjoy real soon.

Does Jodie have an e-mail address?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is no :( Jodie is quite busy with school and other appearances that she doesn't have the time, nor real interest, in getting on-line to chat with fans. She has on occasion through others been able to read messages posted in on-line areas regarding her. Obviously this isn't a reliable way of getting a message to her so write to her at the address listed above. Also, though everyone has a right to express their one opinions, everyone also should be considerate. So if for some reason you don't care for Jodie, just leave it at that, and by all means don't slander her by posting unnecessarily negative messages about her on-line.