Who is Jodie Sweetin?

Vital Statistics:

Name: Jodie Leanne Sweetin
Date of birth:
January 19, 1982
Age: 19
Birth place: Los Angeles, California.
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: yeah right... you know how girls are about telling their weight
Eye Color: bluish gray
Hair Color: blonde (natural) / currently dyed auburn


When not at school, Jodie currently lives with her proud parents in California. She has no siblings, but was once heard to say that she wished she had a younger brother. Though life as an only child can be tough at times, Jodie has handled it well.  Jodie does have a pet dog, Lacey. Lacey is a Lhasa Apso. An interesting tidbit is that Jodie received Lacey as a gift from the producers of a Sizzler commercial she appeared in. The producers liked Jodie so much and gave her Lacey as a token of their admiration.


Jodie is shaking up the world as a college co-ed these days.


Jodie began acting at an early age. Noted earlier TV appearances by her include commercials plus a guest appearance on the show The Hogan Family. Her adorable smile is rumored to have won the hearts of producers Miller and Boyett who were at the time formulating a new sitcom. This new sitcom was destined to be Full House. Miller and Boyett had seen Jodie's performance on Hogan's Family and immediately knew she was perfect for their new show. Jodie didn't even have to audition. In fact, they built the Stephanie character on Full House around her!

Bear in mind that at the time Full House premiered in 1987, Jodie was only 5 years old. Those who remember the early seasons of Full House will no doubt recall the incredible acting abilities she was able to exhibit at such an early age. Some may think that any kid could get up there and do it, but Jodie's smooth delivery at such an early age set her apart from being characterized a typical child actress. Jodie went on to grow before our eyes as Full House continued for 8 strong years, until its sudden cancellation in 1995. During her years on Full House she developed an incredibly large following of devoted fans. This following, a noted indicator of her success and popularity, should help catapult Jodie into new and exciting roles, should she choose to continue to pursue acting.

Since Full House, Jodie has continued to whet our appetites for her great acting with special appearances on such TV shows as Brotherly Love, and a special appearance as part of an All Star magic special. She's also appeared as part of a Full House 'mini-reunion' on the show America's Funniest Home Videos. Don't miss the pictures from these appearances in our Special Features section.

Jodie was briefly featured as a secondary character on Fox's Party of Five. Jodie joined the cast beginning with the October 19, 1999 show.  Since then, Jodie also had a featured spot in a music video for the startup group "Up Syndrome" in 2000.  

What the future has in store for Jodie, only time will tell. But with her talent and ambition she's sure to go far in life!

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